The CRM-100 Digital Pocket Geiger Counter

The recent stepchild to the Radalert 100, and as in its parent model, the CRM-100 is designed for general purpose monitoring of radioactivity.

The CRM is identical to the Radalert in most every respect.  The main difference is that the CRM-100 has no user adjustable audible Alert feature, no Timer feature (although the Total mode is operable), and it is manufactured outside the US, making possible substantial savings to the consumer.



Like the Radalert 100, the CRM-100 otherwise offers these features:

bulletDetects Alpha, Beta, Gamma and X-radiation
bulletDigital readout on large, easy to read LCD display
bulletReadings in CPM and mR/hr, or Sv/hr
bulletTotal mode for timed counts (no Timer feature)
bulletAudible clicking with each radiation count detected (can be turned off)
bulletNo user adjustable Audible Alert (choose Radalert 100 for that)
bulletData Port for connection to computer or data logger

Select the navigation button, or click here for detailed Specifications on the CRM-100, except for the audible alert feature and timer.

The CRM-100 is an excellent value for the money, offering good sensitivity in a user friendly Geiger counter with digital readout.

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