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Danger Levels

How much radiation exposure is too much?

The following data is from an industry source believed to be reliable.  However, you should verify the following government data.  Additionally, "acceptable" levels of radiation exposure are somewhat subjective, so we encourage you  to research and make your own conclusions as to the maximum levels of radiation exposure which would be acceptable to you:

The US Government recommends that you do not exceed the following maximum dosages of radioactivity:

bulletOccupational             5R/yr = 5,000mR/yr

bulletNon-Occupational   .1R/yr =   100mR/yr

                                                           +   100mR/yr (background)*
                                                           =   200mR/yr total

*estimated annual exposure to background radiation

Another way to look at it:

Assume for now that you classify yourself as non-occupational, i.e. you don't work in a field where you handle radioactive materials or are exposed to radioactivity.  Then, if you are exposed to a "hot" rock reading 100mR/hr for 1 hour's length of time, you have already received your maximum recommended annual dosage of 100mR/yr.

This is also equivalent to the dosage you would receive by taking 100 airplane trips per year lasting 4 hours each in a plane flying at 30,000', since that dosage, attributable to cosmic radiation, is at the rate of 250 CPM or .25 mR/hr.

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