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The Inspector EXP was designed for the requirements of emergency response personnel. It has the same valuable features, small size, and quality of the Inspector, but instead of the built-in detector, it now has the added versatility of an external probe.

The cable connecting the meter to the probe is a full 40" long, while the probe handle itself is 10" long, allowing for detection at a distance, thus reducing the chance of contamination of hands or gloves while scanning and frisking.

The carrying case has a clear window panel providing full view of the readout, count light and access to the switches. Convenient hand straps and a belt loop are provided for carrying the instrument. A small pocket is provided for a check source.

The unique design of attaching the probe to the carrying case allows one handed operation if desired and the protective probe cover folds easily out of the way during one-handed operation.

When not in use, the Inspector EXP can be stored in its original box, and/or configured as above and ready for immediate use in an emergency.  A red plastic protective cover comes with the unit and can be placed over the sensitive Geiger-Mueller tube for further protection.

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