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This program, which gives one access to the wildly popular Radiation Network, is a more powerful version of GeigerGraph, with all of the features of the standard version, but with the additional capability to share Radiation data in real time over the Internet, and to monitor that data through a Radiation Map and a series of Remote Graphs.  Here is a picture of the Main Screen, with detailed description below:

Overlaid on top of the main graph for the local Monitoring Station is a National Radiation Map, where each colored circle represents a Radiation Monitoring Station at that location on the Map.  The numerical value displayed in each circle represents the Radiation Counts Per Minute (CPM) for that station during the last minute, which value updates every minute.

If any station detects a dangerous Radiation level, then an Alert symbol appears over that station, accompanied by a pop-up visual alert and an audible alert (play this Remote Alert sound file).  Thus, you can see that by using this software, you can immediately know the Radiation levels in real time anywhere in the US where there is a monitoring station participating in this Network, and obtain immediate, real time notification of any dangerous Radiation level detected!!!

Meanwhile, the graph window at the lower left of the Main Screen represents the graph of a representative Remote Monitoring Station, providing minute by minute Radiation detail, as well as access to a log of the data by spreadsheet, along with detailed identification information for that station.  A Remote Graph like this is readily available for every station shown on the Map.

Although the picture above shows a static map, the Radiation Map is fully interactive, with zoom capabilities, descriptions of Nuclear Sites and Monitoring Stations, additional Map Layers, including Counties, Airports, Roads, Railroads, Lakes and Rivers, and even the capability to download City Streets for your county.  Plus, in keeping with the elements of a true Network, the GeigerGraph software has its own Chat forum.

Other Features:

Global Map: The Radiation Network is global, with Monitoring Stations in  Europe, Asia, Latin America, etc, and the program includes a global map, showing all countries in the world, along with major cities, and most Nuclear Sites in those countries.  This makes possible a truly universal Radiation Network, where monitoring stations can operate from any country and share their data with those in the United States, and vice versa.

GPS Enabled: The Radiation Map incorporates a GPS feature, where plugging a GPS device into your computer turns your station into a mobile detection vehicle.


This Network version of GeigerGraph software has three primary applications:

1.) You can become part of a growing nationwide grass roots Radiation Monitoring Network, contributing to the National Radiation Map, where that data is available to anyone in the US or the world at this web site:


2.) Or, if you are a municipal Fire Department in a large city, for instance, you could set up a network of Radiation Monitoring Stations at key locations around the city, such as harbors, piers, tunnels, bridges, airports, etc. and monitor the Radiation level at each site in real time from a central station, receiving any Radiation Alerts that may arise, so that you can take immediately action to control potential exposure.  Because the Radiation Map is fully interactive, you can zoom in and keep the Map at the zoom level for just your Metropolitan Area, or zoom in further at any time down to the City Street level.

3.) Or, a Community Group could set up Radiation Monitoring Stations around a nuclear power plant, for instance.  You could zoom in on the Radiation Map to just the region around the Nuclear Power Plant, showing your community group's network of monitoring stations, and even upload that Regional Map and your Graph(s) for viewing by the general population in your area.

Compatible Geiger Counters:


Inspector and Inspector EXP


Radalert, Radalert 50, and Radalert 100


Digilert 50 and Digilert 100






Monitor 4 - year 2007 re-design


The Geiger


Images SI models


PRM-8000 and PRM-9000




Even CDV-700's (through the headphone jack with adaptation)


Potentially other models that offer Pulse Output through Data Port or Audio Out

Minimum System Requirements:

bulletWindows XP, Vista, 7,8, 10
bulletMicrosoft .Net Framework 3.5 or greater
bulletAvailable USB port
bulletAdditional USB or Serial or other Port (to use GPS feature only)
bullet1GB RAM
bullet75MB Hard Drive Space
bulletInternet access, with Direct Connection preferred

Order Geiger Graph for Networks here.  Choose this option if all you need is just the Software itself, and not a Data Cable, and then choose a Station Name farther below.  The software will be issued by download, and you will receive download instructions by email after submitting your order.  (Please disregard the auto generated Shipping calculation - we will not charge any shipping- just the $61).  This download order is typically processed within 1 business day.  

Qty: SKU: SC5NetWOC  Price: $61  

Or, choose the option below if you need both the Software, and the Custom USB Data Cable:

Qty: SKU: SC5Net   Price: $79  

Or, if you already have the Standard Version of GeigerGraph, then order GeigerGraph Networks below at the upgrade price of only $30, without Data Cable, which you already have, and then choose a Station Name farther below.

Qty: SKU: SC5U   Price: $30  

Station Name Selection: To use this Network version of the software, you will need an assigned Station Name which is how you will be identified over the Radiation Network.  Type your desired Station Name in the field below, and then select the "Submit Station Name" button.  Please note that your Station Name must contain a minimum of 3 characters, a maximum of 12 characters, can not contain any sort of punctuation, but can contain spaces, and it must start with a letter, not a number.


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