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Prospector Geiger Counter (no longer available)

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    The Prospector, comprised of the Model 3007A Traditional Geiger Counter configured with the Model 3012 External Standard Probe, was originally designed for civil defense use, but also has general purpose use. 

    The base unit of the Model 3007A itself is a portable, hand-held survey meter providing three operating ranges reading on a dual scale up to 50 mR/hr or 30,000 CPM.  See the close-up picture below, also noting the battery check feature at the right end of the gauge.

    3007ametertn.jpgThe survey meter incorporates a sealed, splash proof speaker which produces the audible clicks.  The speaker is powered by a separate 9-volt battery and can be turned off in case the meter is inadvertently left on, preserving the other "D" batteries to continue operating the meter itself.

    Although of a traditional design, the Model 3007A Survey Meter is a fully modern unit, with completely redesigned and up to date transistorized electronics, and with calibration at the factory in accordance with industry standards.

    This instrument is shockproof and designed for rugged use, thus perfect for operation in the field.

    stdprobetn.jpgThe Model 3012 Standard Probe, shown cradled in the meter’s handle above, is ruggedly built, consisting of a thick-walled Geiger-Mueller (GM) tube, yet with a sliding window (shown open at left) to provide energy discrimination capability.  The probe's slim design allows it to be easily maneuvered in hard to reach locations.  It measures medium and high energy Gamma and X-rays, as well as high energy Beta radiation.  These design features make it perfect for mineral prospecting.  As shown in the picture at left, the probe includes an integral 3 foot straight cable, terminating in a BNC connector.

    Specify between standard readout in mR/hr and CPM (default), or alternate readout in uSv/hr and CPS.

    This product is indefinitely out of stock. 


    Specifications of Model 3007A Survey Meter for the Prospector:

    Operating Ranges

    0 to .5 mR/hr; 0 to 5 mR/hr; 0 to 50 mR/hr; 0 to 300 CPM; 0 to 3000 CPM; 0 to 30000 CPM

    Optional Readout uSv/hr and CPS


    ± 20%


    ± 20%

    Warm Up Time


    Response Time

    5 second time constant

    Temperature Range

    - 10 to + 50° C (14° to 122° F)

    Relative Humidity Rng

    20% to 95%

    Visual Readout

    Easy-to-read 2.62" round meter

    Audio Readout

    Speaker; clicking type headset is optional

    Detector Voltage

    920 volts


    4 position selector switch (off; x1; x10; x100); Battery check and Speaker on/off switch


    One 9 volt cell for speaker (NEDA 1604-A or equal)


    2 standard “D” cells (1.5 volt)


    Microphone connection for optional headset; BNC for probe connection

    Calibration Pre-calibrated at the factory


    Rugged Aluminum body and cover


    Polyurethane enamel


    4"W x 9"L x 5" H.


    4.5 lbs. including detector


    1 year on meter (see probe for separate warranty)

    Specifications of Model 3012 Pancake Probe:

    Radiation Detected Beta, Gamma, X-ray



    Temperature Range

    - 55° to + 75° C (- 67° to + 167° F)

    Wall thickness of detector


    Wall Material

    446 Stainless Steel

    Quench Gas


    Active Length


    Diameter of Detector (effective)


    Wall Thickness of Sliding Window

    3.64 g/cm2

    Window Material


    Window Size (total area)

    0.5" x 0.9" (1.3cm x 0.8cm)

    Detector Size

    5.1" x .94" (13cm x 2.4cm)

    Weight of Detector w/Cable & Connector

    12 oz. (340g)

    Cable Length (Straight)

    3 ft.

    Operating Voltage


    Nominal Charge per Pulse:

    2.7 x 10-9 coulombs


    One yr on probe, 6 mo. on GM tube

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