About Us

This www.GeigerCounters.com web site is owned and operated by Mineralab, founded in 1995.  Our company was originally and still is in the business of manufacturing tools for mineral and gem identification.  For serious rockhounds, a well-made Geiger counter is essential in the field. Early on, we broadened our product line to include Geiger counters of the highest quality. 

Originally intended for our customers interested in the prospecting and collection of radioactive minerals, our Geiger counter offerings now number up to twenty or so different models aimed at a variety of applications in industry and personal safety.  This unique dealership position has enabled us to select the best Geiger counter models from each manufacturer to give you a sufficient range in price and features from which to choose.

We are also experienced software developers, so when we expanded into Geiger counters, we wrote GeigerGraph software for purposes of graphing and recording radiation counts for analytical purposes.   Then after 9/11, we conceived of the idea of linking radiation detectors from across the country, through Radiation Network software, to create a National Radiation Map in real time, and thus was born the Radiation Network.  Started in 2004, we continue to operate it to this day, and our public website has become a wildly popular destination on the Internet.

Thank you very much for your interest in our company!