DX-1 Geiger Counter


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The DX-1 Radiation Monitor detects Beta, Gamma, and X-radiations.  The counter emits audible clicks from its internal loudspeaker and registers radioactivity on adx1metertn.jpg compressed scale analog meter (see right) up to 10 mR/hr, compacting several ranges into one, available at a glance.

In addition to the audible clicks, at high radiation levels, the speaker beeps, indicating obvious danger. The beeping begins at about 20 mR/hr, with intervals between beeps decreasing in relation to field strength, becoming a continuous tone at 200 mR/hr.  Play this sound file.

The DX-1 includes an easily replaceable, yet long-lasting 9 volt battery.  A single pushbutton activates the DX-1 only when needed, as seen in the picture above, and thus conserves battery power. An LED indicator reassures you of battery condition upon each use.  The DX-1 is ruggedly constructed and continues to operate in a saturation environment.

The DX-1 is a good Pocket Geiger Counter - affordable, simple to use, and all that is needed for a basic determination of whether or not something is radioactive.  Purchase the DX-1 above, or if you would like to consider the similar, but higher ranging DX-2 model, choose that from Related Products.

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Specifications for the DX-1 Pocket Geiger Counter


Detector Type

Halogen-quenched Geiger-Mueller tube with thin metal window

Detector Size 3/4" diameter x 3" long
Radiation Detected Beta, Gamma, X-ray


Unique logarithmic-scale analog meter

Operating Range

0 to 10 mR/hr. range on analog meter

Sensitivity Detects Beta at 35 keV with 90% efficiency, or at 1,000 keV with 100% efficiency.  Detects Gamma down to 6 keV at 25% efficiency, or to 35 keV at 90% efficiency, or to 100 keV at 100% efficiency


"Fixed" at factory to NBS, NIST, and NRC standards using Cesium-137 gamma source

Example of Isotopes Detected

14C; 32P; 125I; Co (almost all beta and gamma emitters)

Power Required

One 9-volt battery NEDA #1604 or equivalent

Battery Life

Up to 50 hours use at normal background levels

Temperature Range

- 10° to + 45° C (14° to + 113° F)


212 grams (7.5 oz.) with battery


168 mm x 83 mm x 25 mm (6 5/8" x 3 1/4"x 1 3/8")


LED “ON” indicator and Audio click for count rate

Extra Audible Alert Beeping at 20 mR/hr, continuous tone at 200 mR/hr.
Warranty One Year on Geiger-Mueller tube,  Five Years on electronics
Country of Make USA