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An optional Wipe Test Plate is available for the Ranger Geiger Counter, shown in the picture above.  This stainless steel plate is designed to slide easily onto the back of the Inspector, positioning its circular depression for placement of a wipe directly in front of and parallel to the detector window at a fixed distance of 1 centimeter.  The circular depression will accommodate swipes (available through chemical supply houses) up to 1.75" in diameter.

The idea behind this accessory is to set up a controlled environment for timed measurements, typically, to reveal low level radiation that a momentary scan might miss, and the particular logistical setup offers repeatable conditions for successive tests.

The Wipe Test Plate is removable for general surveying or for decontamination.  Fits in carrying case with the Ranger.

Note that this Wipe Test Plate fits only the Ranger model of Geiger counters, and not the Inspector USB nor the Inspector Alert.  On the other hand, if you are fitting the Wipe Test Plate for an an Inspector Alert by International Medcom, or a legacy Inspector+ model with Serial Number 30327 or lower, then choose Wipe Test Plate (Alert) from Related Prodicts.

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