Protect Rubber Boot (Red)


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New "Red Protect Rubber Boot" now in.


This is the successor/replacement to the original Xtreme Boot, designed expressly for the Inspector Alert.


The Xtreme Boot offers maximum performance in a lightweight rugged solution for using the Inspector in the field, designed specifically for individuals operating in tough environments, such as 1st Responders, Mining, and HAZMAT crews.

The rubberized surround fits snugly around the Geiger counter, offering superior grip and drop protection, while giving the user complete access to the unit's operation (see photo above).  This newly re-designed boot exemplifies the "Red Protect" theme.

When using a pancake detector, a protective door slides opens on the back of the case exposing the GM end window (see photo above). The unit can also be conveniently unfolded into "stand" position for hands free operation and monitoring of an area.

The Xtreme boot is especially designed for use with the Inspector pocket models, including the original Inspector, the Inspector+, the Inspector Alert, and the Inspector USB, but can also be fitted to the Radalert handheld radiation detectors.

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    It's great! It's thick, sturdy, has a good grip, a magnetic stand, and a protective slide!

    Posted by Kyle "Karbine" Wilson on Feb 5th 2021

    I bought a SEI Inspector USB Radiation Alert Geiger-Müller counter (blue, ver. 2.13) back in December, 2018. Excellent instrument! I really wanted an Xtreme Boot or Protect Boot, so I purchased the latter. It's awesome! It has a protective acrylic slide for the G-M tube that also acts as filter for alpha and low-energy beta radiation. The magnetic stand works great! The only problem I've had is that the USB mini port is off-center with the Protect Boot, yet taking it off and putting it back on is easy. The wire stand that fits in the top of the Protect Boot when it's folded was falling out, however, there's a small, square detent inside and at the front/top of the Protect Boot. I took a small 5 mm (l) × 2 mm (d) neodymium magnet, and put it in the detent, and it fits perfectly! Now, the wire stand stays in place when it's folded back in! I don't know if there was supposed to be a magnet there, but putting one in fixes this minor problem! Overall, it's great, and it may save your detector if you drop it! Always use protection with Geiger-Müller counters!

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    good protection against accidental drops

    Posted by louis on Jun 10th 2018

    works well, gives you a little space between sample and reader which helps in keeping the pancake reader clean from contamination

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    Great protection for the Inspector Alert and Rad series of Geiger Counters

    Posted by William O. Robertson / AI4QT on May 7th 2018

    The boot fits perfect for my Alert and Rad series of Geiger Counters. This protective boot is recommended because it is able to secure to your belt and it will also add that extra grip while holding.

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    Great product

    Posted by Jim on Dec 17th 2016

    Just received my xtreme boot protection case as well as xtreme boot case, one needs the other. Fantastic quality. Now I can carry my Geiger counter with confidence. Great product.