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Identical to the popular Inspector Alert, except that the BLE offers a Bluetooth low energy module enabling the Geiger counter to pair and communicate in real time with a smart phone or tablet.  Apps are available for either the iPhone or Android.  This Bluetooth feature is activated with a switch in the battery compartment.



The World Famous Inspector Keeps Getting Better


  • Inspector BLE works with smart phones and computers across all the platforms.
  • Log and Map Data
  • Share Data with RadResponder, Safecast, the World, or create your own Private Network


Available With these Accessories


  • Protect (R) Boot for Rugged Environments
  • Wipe Test Plates for Sampling Air Filters or Surface Wipe


Sensor: Halogen-quenched Geiger-Mueller tube. Effective diameter 1.75″ (45 mm). Mica window density 1.5-2.0 mg/cm²

Display: 4-digit liquid crystal display with mode indicators

Accuracy: ± 10% typical; ±15% maximum

Alert: µSv/hr: 0 to 500; mR/hr: 0 to 50; CPM: 0 to 160,000; Beeper sounds the alert

Anti-Saturation: Readout holds at full scale in fields up to 100 times the maximum reading

Audio: Beeper chirps with each radiation event (can be muted)

Averaging Periods: Display updates every 3 seconds, showing the average for the past 30-second time period at normal levels. The averaging period decreases as the radiation level increases.

Certifications: CE Certified: Emissions: EN 55011:98 + A2 (Class B emissions limits); EN 61326:06 (Class B) RF Emissions Immunity: EN 61326:06 (Annex C) Portable Test and Measurement Equipment; EN 61000-4-2:95 (ESD); EN 61000-4-3: 97; RoHS Compliant, Meets WEEE standards, and ISO 9001:2001 & ISO 14001

Count Light: Red LED flashes with each count

Detector: Halogen-quenched Geiger-Mueller tube. Effective diameter 1.75″ (45 mm). Mica window density 1.5-2.0 mg/cm² Detects Alpha, Beta, Gamma, and X-radiation

Typical Efficiency: For 4 pi at contact

Beta C-14 (49 keV avg. 156 keV max.): 5.3% Bi-210 (390 keV avg. 1.2 MeV max.): 32% Sr-90 (546 keV and 2.3 MeV): 38% P-32 (693 keV avg. 1.7 MeV max.): 33%

Alpha Am-241 (5.5 MeV): 18%

Gamma Sensitivity: 3500 CPM/mR/hr referenced to Cs-137 Smallest detectable level for I-125 is .02 mCi at contact

Manual: Inspector Alert

Operating Range: µSv/hr: .01 to 1,100 mR/hr: .001 to 110 CPM: 0 to 350,000 CPS: 0 to 5,000 Total: 1 to 9,999,000 counts

Options: Computer software and cable available

Ports: Output: Stereo 3.5 mm jack sends counts to computers, data loggers, other CMOS-compatible devices, earphones, and educational data collection systems. 0-9 V, 1 kOhm impedance. Input: 2.5 mm mono jack provides calibration input. 0-3.3 V, > 5 µs width, rising edge triggered.

Power: One 9-volt alkaline battery or one AA battery; battery life is typically over 2,000 hours at normal background radiation levels at sea level. Battery life decreases as radiation level rises.  Battery life will be reduced when blue tooth is activated, but will still typically exceed 1,000 hours of continuous use.

Size: 150 x 80 x 30 mm (5.9″ x 3.2″ x 1.2″)

Temperature Range: -20º to +50º C , -4º to +122º F

Timer: Can set sampling periods of 1 minute to 40 hours.

Weight: 323 grams (11.4 oz) including battery



The Inspector BLE is covered by manufacturer's 2 year warranty on the overall instrument.  The GM tube warranty is limited to 1 year.



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